last updated  December 2017

December 2017

An application for Planning permission to knock down the garages and replace them with a larger storage building has been granted and an application for the Main building is in progress. When Planning permission is granted we will be able to get quotes from builders against a firm specification. We have at last got the Lease completed. We expect to be able to apply for major grants in early 2018.



The present building  opened in  1990 and  has done sterling service for 25 years   but has reached  the end of its useful life

NEW STORAGE BUILDINGScout Hut garage existing and future

We have now got Planning Permission and ordered a new building to replace the 2 old garages behind the present hut. This is a photoshop image of what it will look like in a couple of months time (pity about the yellow containers on the neighbouring building site!)



V2 M gale 2

The Hut is going to be replaced with a new building in the very near future. As this new building will be more than just a Scout Hut we have ‘re-branded’ it as

The Barford Youth and Community Centre

Consultations have taken place to establish  the wider needs of the Village.

We have contacted several suppliers and have selected a partner to go forward with.

We are also going to replace the garages with a purpose built storage facility and we plan to do that in mid 2017.

Fund raising has already started – click here for an update.

It is expected that much more will need to be done later this year when we have some firm plans and better estimates of the cost.

If you want to get involved click on this link to join the Supporters Group