Updated -October 2017

After a very good start in May 2015 we are still gathering momentum

The St. George’s Celebrations in April 2017, apart from being great fun for all ages, raised a splendid £395

In March 2017 we received our first sizeable grant: £3,000 from the “29th May 161 Charitable Trust”. In August we received a grant of £2,500 from the Norton Foundation, to be used for the storage of the Scout equipment.

Once the lease for the land has been finally sorted (almost there!), we will be able to apply for the really big grants.

The Drama Group have given us another donation £2,500 – the profit they made at the “Not the Music Hall”

Hilary Maynard’s monthly quizzes have made over £2,300

The Scout Hut Cafe has made another sizeable donation, bringing their total so far to over £2,400

There was the Pamper Evening at which many had a very enjoyable time

The Christmas Market was a great success

Lots of other – small & large – donations – all valuable
The total of local fundraising now stands at nearly £42,000

To see more details CLICK HERE

We have started making applications for Grants and have a pledge of £3000 with encouragement to apply for a further grant next year

We have been granted Charitable Status – Registered No. 1166022
We are working through obtaining a long lease for the ground